Marble Queen Pothos
Marble Queen Pothos
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Marble Queen Pothos

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Names: Pothos has numerous common names, including: golden pothos, hunter's robe, ivy arum, money plant, and taro vine. The curious other name: devil's ivy is because it's nearly impossible to kill and stays alive even when kept in the dark.

How Much Water?

Pothos likes to have its soil dry out between waterings and therefore accepts erratic watering care. It definitely dislikes soggy roots. The leaves droop when the plant is thirsty and needs a drink. But don’t let this wilt-y stage go for too long or you will start to see leaf drop.

How Much Sun?

Grow Pothos indoors, preferably with bright, not direct light, although it also will tolerate low-light conditions.

Best Temp & Humidity?

Fairly hardy, though you should keep them out of extreme cold.

Plant Tips:

Pothos will thrive in low light, with little water, and no attention. In other words,
it’s a strong contender for the World’s Easiest to Grow Houseplant with graceful, heart-shaped foliage (many cultivars are variegated, for added interest), pothos can drape, climb a trellis, wind itself around a pole, or fall like a gentle curtain in front of a window. Have a question or concern with your plant? Snap a pic and send with your
question to

Any Cautions?

Pothos is toxic to animals and humans. Use caution and be sure to keep it out of reach of small humans and furry friends.


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