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The cultivators who founded Sage + Garden came together in a shared concern: how to live 'green' and sustainably in urban Covington. For us, it started with curated houseplants and eco-friendly home goods, then on to creative recycling, upcycling, and water conservation. We set up rain barrels and composters, grew worm farms, and built chicken coops. A full-fledged urban farm that fed a CSA and a plant-filled yoga studio followed.

Pursuing these paths through environmentally responsible and sustainable urban living was personally rewarding, but we wondered: is there more? We've found that the real work comes in guiding others toward their own sustainability projects, and doing so in a coordinated community-based effort. And this is where Sage + Garden is blooming, in cultivating a fully sustainable community in Covington and beyond. We're building bridges from one sustainable household to the next, encouraging the sort of broader movement that encourages and nourishes us all.

Plants crowd our lush Covington storefront, but a step inside reveals a lot more. From eco-friendly kitchen implements to personal care, from gardening tools to composting supplies and chicken feed, we have what you need to assemble your own sustainable homestead. Stop in and let us introduce you to your next plant and make suggestions for crafting your homestead. We're not just a shopping destination -- we're here to consult on larger projects too, from that chicken coop to raised beds that can maximize the space you have to grow, even in the city.

Together, we will plant it, live it, and sustain it.

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