Alocasia Little Bambino
Alocasia Little Bambino
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Alocasia Little Bambino

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Also know as the African Mask plant or Amazon Taro!

How Much Water?

Your Alocasia prefers a weekly watering, with mistings of room temp water in between. In winter you can reduce your watering frequency, allowing the top 2 inches of Your Alocasia's soil to dry out between waterings (roughly every other week.) Alocasias don't do well if forgotten and if they go for too long without water their leaf edges will start to brown. 

How Much Sun?

Alocasias grow best in bright indirect sunlight, similar to their native habitat on the jungle floor. It's best to avoid direct sun as the leaves can be scorched by too much light. 

Best Temp & Humidity?

This plant loves humidity and prefers a more humid environment. A pebble tray or a frequent spritz with room temp/lukewarm water will make your plant very happy. These plants will do at regular home temperatures, but prefer to not drop below 60 F. They also don't react well to sudden changes in temperature or humidity so they prefer to not be placed near heat/AC vents.  

Plant Tips:

Your Alocasia would love to live near other humidity loving plants (arrowheads, philodendrons, etc.) where they can share the humidity from a pebble tray or simply from each other.

Any Cautions?

Alocasias are toxic to humans and animals, so take care to keep away from small humans and pets. 

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