Calathea Dottie
Calathea Dottie
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Calathea Dottie

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4 inch

How Much Water?

Your Calathea likes its soil to be kept moist. If the top inch or so of soil is dry, give it a drink (about once a week.) Your plant would also enjoy a mist between waterings. 

How Much Sun?

These plants prefer bright indirect light. If they get too much direct sunlight their delicate leaves can burn, which can show up as browning on the tips of leaves. Also consider turning your Triostar every now and then, as the leaves will grow toward the light. 

Best Temp & Humidity?

Calatheas are pretty accommodating on temp and humidity, they would prefer to be kept above 55 F with fair humidity. If the air is too dry (or your plant is placed too close to a heat or air conditioner vent) the leaves may curl in on themselves to communicate that your plant needs a more humid spot or more frequent mistings.   

Plant Tips:

The most common issue with these plants is browning at the tips of its leaves. If this happens, it means your plant is getting too much sun. Consider moving it a bit farther from the light source to help keep its foliage looking its best. This browning can also be caused by too many minerals in its water, if moving away from the sun didn't help, consider switching to distilled or filtered water, or try leaving the water to stand overnight to allow some of the chlorine and fluoride to dissipate. 


Any Cautions?

Calatheas are non-toxic to pets and humans, so no worries! 

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