Holiday Cactus 4"

Holiday Cactus 4"

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How Much Water?

Your Christmas cactus is a variety of succulent and like other succulents, prefers to dry out a bit between waterings. Once the top inch of the soil feels dry (roughly every two weeks) give your plant a drink. 

How Much Sun?

Your Christmas cactus prefers lots of indirect light in order to produce blooms, but can get by just fine in lower lighting conditions, it just may not produce flowers. 

Best Temp & Humidity?

These plants will do at regular home temperatures, but prefer to not drop below 50F. They would appreciate and occasional spritz with room temp water for extra humidity, especially in winter when homes tend to have drier air.   


Any Cautions?

The Christmas Cactus is mildly poisonous to pets and humans if consumed in large quantities.  

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