Organic Essential Oils - Aromatherapy Master Set of 12

Organic Essential Oils - Aromatherapy Master Set of 12

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100% pure, natural, organic, non-gmo essential oils. That means the oils are uncut (no carrier oils are added) and they are free of chemicals, no synthetics, etc. You’re getting premium, high quality, affordable essential oils. If you’re new to essential oils, this is your must-have starter kit. We’ve chosen 6 of the most popular essential oils for you, which have a wide range of benefits. Their properties can help with the most common physical, mental and emotional ailments. Headaches, stress, indigestion, fatigue, plus much more. You’ll be glad to know that using oils to get these benefits is very simple. Diffusing the oils, or, blending them for topical use with Cliganic jojoba oil, are two easy ways to get started.

Included in this set:

Peppermint oil

Lavender oil

Eucalyptus oil

Tea Tree oil

Lemongrass oil

Rosemary oil

Frankincense oil

Orange oil

Lemon oil

Cassia oil 

Cedarwood oil 

Grapefruit oil 

Made in United States of America