Hoya - Kerrii

Hoya - Kerrii

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How Much Water?

In the summer months, Hoyas like to be watered once the top inch or so of their soil dries out (roughly once a week), and less often in the winter months (every other week.)

How Much Sun?

Hoyas need lots of bright indirect light, and can often tolerate full sun

Best Temp & Humidity?

This plant hails from the tropics, so it prefers a little extra humidity but will adjust to most lactations as long as it's kept away from heating/AC vents. 

Plant Tips:

If given enough bright light hoyas can get lovely blooms in the form of flower clusters in white, red, and pink. 

Any Cautions?

Hoyas are mildly poisonous to humans and animals, so be sure to keep away from small humans and family pets. 

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